Borrowed Clothes

‚ÄčBorrowed Clothes

Borrowed Clothing: Kids from all grade levels during the school year come to the clinic for a change of clothing. This is due to various reasons such as falling in mud, bathroom accidents, spilled milk or food in the cafeteria, & nosebleeds.

We know parents are sometimes tied up & can't make it so we loan out clothes when possible. We ask that the borrowed clothes are washed & returned to the clinic so we can continue to help your children throughout the school year.

You may want to have your child keep a change of clothes in their back pack or in the clinic if they frequently need a change of clothes or are prone to frequent accidents.

In order for us to help other children, please return any borrowed clothing to the clinic. If your child received underwear it is yours to keep, but we ask that you replace it with a new pair.